Modern Chorus Ballad Compositions

Music Broadcast License (10 Million)

The following terms and conditions apply to the license, as well as the FAQs.
Only the English version is legally binding.


  1. This license “Music Broadcast License (10 Million)” is between Us (the author of the Track) and You (yourself or your company. For an employee acting on behalf of an organization, it is the organization).
  2. The license grants the purchaser (You) an ongoing, commercial, worldwide and non-exclusive license to make use of the selected musical work (Track) on the following terms and the Licensing FAQs, that are explicitly part of this license.
  3. You are licensed to use the Track in a single project or product in the following way (Permitted Use):
    1. Synchronization with an audio or audio-visual work, to create one Final Product that combines the Track with other things, so that the result is bigger in scope and of different nature than the licensed Track.

    Examples for Final Products for broadcast: TV and radio advertisements, TV/cable movies/series.
  4. The license includes the right to use the Track by public communication (performance), display, distribution and reproduction. You can make unlimited copies of digitally downloaded or physical versions of the broadcast Final Product.

    All our Music licenses are for one Permitted use (one product or one project) – it doesn’t matter if free or commercial, monetized or not, for-profit or not-for-profit.
  1. Permitted Uses have these limitations:
    1. Not included with this license are public performance rights for P.R.O. Music. See section 15 for more.
    2. There is an upper limit of 10 million audience members for broadcasts (where audience members means the maximum number of people the broadcast can reach).
    3. The movie may not be released in theaters, only used in an Indie Movie (a student movie, a movie distributed on video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, and a movie festival screening. A movie not for general theatrical release).

Further details

  1. You are allowed to make an unlimited number of copies of the Final Product and to make it online available (with unlimited internet page impressions or views) or to distribute the Final Product through multiple media (see limitations in section 5).

    Example of Permitted Use: You upload a video to a video-sharing platform (Youtube etc.) and it gets over 1,000,000 views.
  1. If you create one Final Product for a client and you transfer this single Final Product to your client, this license will be transferred to your client.
  2. You are allowed to modify or manipulate the Track, or combine it with other works to achieve your desired Final Product. The resulting works based on the Track are subject to the terms of this license. Under this section, you can not claim ownership to the Track (whether in it´s original or altered form) and the result must remain a Permitted Use under section 3.

    Examples: You can edit/loop/stretch a music track and/or apply a filter to suit your project. Not allowed is the creation of a remix of the music track and claim or register it as your own song. More information about ownership rights in section 19.
  1. Even though this is a “single application” license, you are allowed to make variations of a Final Product and distribute this variations via multiple mediums. Allowed variations of a Final Product:
    1. Cut-downs – a shortened version of a Final Product without new content added. (eg a 10 second teaser version of a movie trailer)
    2. Translations – the same Final Product translated into a different languages.
      (eg alternate text or voice over)
    3. Tag changes – small changes to text or content.
      (eg changing “Coming Soon” to “In 14 days”)
    4. Series – episodes or editions have to be interconnected (within a series) and be released within 1 year from the day of purchase. The allowed maximum number of episodes/editions is either once per week or 52 in total. Your need an additional license for more than 52 per year, episodes/editions from different series or for another year.
      (eg TV series or webisodes)

      Example for series: A TV series with 12 episodes, that starts in December and ends in July, would only require one single license. A web series (eg on Youtube) which releases one episode each week needs to purchase a license once every year.

Not Permitted Use of the Track

  1. This license is for one Permitted Use only. A separate license is needed for each different Permitted Use.
  2. It is not allowed to re-distribute the Track as a musical Track, as stock, part of a tool or template, or with source files. You are not allowed to re-distribute the Track as-is or with superficial modifications – neither on its own nor bundled as an audio compilation with other Tracks. This restriction applies even if the re-distribution is for free.

    Examples: It is prohibited to use a music track in your internet radio service. It is prohibited to modify a music track and distribute it on an audio CD. It is prohibited to add lyrics over the top of a music track and sell it as your own song.
  1. With this license, it is not allowed to use the Track in applications allowing an end user to customize a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as “on demand”, “made to order” and “build it yourself” applications. In order to use the Track in these ways, you need to purchase a separate license for each Final Product created with the use of the Track.

    Examples: Online services for video or animation rendering, “build your own website” services, photo slideshow creators, and e-card generators. You will need an additional license for each product created by a customer, or contact us for a special agreement.
  1. You must not permit an end user to extract the Track and use it separately from a Final Product.
  2. Within a Final Product you are not allowed to claim trademark or service mark rights over the Track.

Other general license terms

  1. Either the Track is P.R.O. Music or Non-P.R.O. Music.
    1. Non-P.R.O. Music: If the Track is NOT registered with any Performing Rights Organizations (P.R.O.s), there are generally no additional fees – but as a buyer it is your responsibility to pay any performing rights fees that may apply in your country (dependent on the rules of your local P.R.O., your local laws, and your use of the Track).
    2. P.R.O. Music: If the Track IS registered with a P.R.O. and/or the author of the Track is a member of a P.R.O., and you plan to use the Track as part of a Final Product that is publicly broadcast or performed, then you may need to get additional performing rights from a P.R.O. and pay additional fees which are collected by a P.R.O.
    3. This license does not constitute a waiver of any P.R.O. fees.

      For more information about performance rights and when you need to pay additional fees to perform works, see our FAQs.
  1. The Track is only allowed to be used for lawful purposes. You are not allowed to use the Track in connection with defamatory, obscene or demeaning material, or in connection with sensitive subjects.
  2. You are not authorized to use the Track in violation of any export laws applicable to you.
  3. If you violate this License and fail to cure the violation, this License may be terminated. In the event of termination, you must immediately cease all Permitted Use – including making copies of or distributing any Final Product until you remove the track from it.
  4. The track’s author retains ownership of the track, but grants you a license under these terms. You cannot claim ownership of the track, even if it has been modified in accordance with section 8, such as through content tagging systems.

    Example: If you use a synchronized music track in your video, you cannot claim rights to the music (for example, by applying “Content-ID” or similar systems to the music in your video).

(Version 1.3, released: 19. December 2022)